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Healing springs of Greece – reality and perspectives
Kelesheva L.F., Tsaligopoulos M., Nathanael B.K.
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
Currently inGreece foundmore than800springs, 752ofwhichin1988defined
by the Institute of Geology andMineral Explorationas having balneological value.
The use of the thermal springs in Greece has ancient roots and known since the
time of Herodotus, Hippocrates, when widespread designed Asklipio medical
centers nearby thermal springs. Unfortunately, only 88 sources were certified
now as a healing spring and 24 of themhave touristic value, and local population
uses the rest. A variety of quality and composition of the thermal sources, along
with their exceptional healing properties is the main cause of undying interest in
the thermal springs of Greece. They are used for taking warm baths, oral intake
of drinking mineral water, inhalation of vapors, mud cure, etc. Besides mild and
warm climate of Greece and the location of a number of sources close to the
seaside gives additional benefits to use also climatology and thalassotherapy.
The highest peak of the thermal sources accounted for the month of
September and usually older people of Greece to improve their health andwell-
being mainly used thermal bath.
The thermal springs services in the 80s - 90s. years had a downward trend that
was apparently associated with the rise of the chemical pharmaceutical and it
negative influence on the opinion of physicians and entrepreneurs about healing
properties of thermal sources. However, the overall growth of tourism in Greece
and, in particular, the increased flow of tourists from Russia, Hungary, Poland
and other former socialist countries with a developed network of sanatorium
organizations has led to the increase in attendance of the thermal springs.
According to the investigationof the Institute of Geology andMineral Exploration,
attendance of sources has increased from 1963526 persons in 2005 to 2,264,959
in 2009. The highest number of visits was observed in the location of old famous
and modern equipped sources of Edipsou and of Loutraki, as well as in Central
Macedonia, especially in the Aridea. However, the limits of hydrotherapy inGreece
are far from exhausted. Only a few sources with modern equipment of spa has
the beginnings of sanatorium and rehabilitation treatment. Complex health-
rehabilitation programs, including the use of the healing properties of the sources
in combination with physical therapy, diet and cultural programy et hardly used.
Further development of the thermal springs in Greece linked to the need
of specialization of physicians and nurses, development of scientific researches
that could objectively confirm healing properties of sources. It is also important
to attract private investment by the state in the creation of modern equipped
thermal springs with the effective use of their healing properties and energy
opportunities, as well as in parallel creation of a variety of products for medical
and cosmetic use.