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I I Международный конгресс «САНАТОРНО-КУРОРТНОЕ ЛЕЧЕНИЕ»
Mineral resources and balneary therapeutic solutions
focused on metabolic pathology
Adriana Sarah Nica
1, 2
, Gavril Gheorghievici
Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Bucharest, Romania
National Institute of Rehabilitation Physical Medicine and Balneoclimatology,
Clinic, Bucharest, Romania
The ongoing concern regarding themanagement of diabetes
and its complications requires the approach of complex therapeutic solutions.
The echo of this situation is much more pronounced when associated with
obesity and other metabolic disturbances, resulting in difficulties involving
therapy and also raising public healthcare issues. The aim of the study was to
express our current experience regarding the impact that balneary support has
in managing different metabolic conditions.
Material and method.
We performed a systematic review of the most
representative balneoclimateric resorts with high therapeutic potential from
Romania. Because of the specificity of each resource of mineral therapeutical
water, we observed the influence of different therapeutic mineral waters -
alkaline, sulphurous, sodium-chlorinated, carbogaseous, iodinated - regarding
the glucose, lipid and protein metabolism, when crenotherapy is administered,
and also in association with balneary extern cure.
Results and discussions.
Crenotherapy may provide a modulation of the
parameters that define obesity and diabetes, due to the fact that these conditions can
occur as a result of the interfence of gastric pathology, associated with hepato-biliary,
and pancreatic manifestations. The effect of crenotherapy can be increased when
associatedwithanadaptedphysicalexerciseprogram, thatcancombinekinetotherapy
with the environment cure, or mineral hydrokinenotherapy or aquatic therapy.
A more particular aspect that needs to be taken under consideration is the
support that psychoterapy can bring to the status improvement of patients with
obesity, especially, when associated with strict diet program and combined with
crenotherapy, in order to provide an adequate copingmechanismfor the pacient.
A significant vector of influence is exercised by the bioclimate, which
depending on the selected resort has either sedative, or tonic-stimulating
manifestations, the whole balneary reactions, which can be added to the global
effect provided by the balneary resources.
Crenotherapy, associated with a controlled diet can exercise
an influence regarding the interrelations between the different metabolic levels
resulting in a prophylactic valence towards the metabolic disorders.
The effect of the intern curewithmineral therapeuticwaters can be amplified
when a complex physical therapy program and psychoterapy are added, thus
offering new solutions to the management of patients with obesity and diatebes.