Medical tourism. What difficulties can tourists face?

Medical tourism continues to gain popularity. Patients travel abroad in search of quality treatment. But such trips also carry risks.

Tourists may face the following difficulties:

— Medical complications;

— Unjustified expectations from treatment;

— Too high cost of medicine;

— Risk of infection during travel;

— Legal risks

Infectious risks

In countries such as India, Thailand, Malaysia and Costa Rica the incidence of tuberculosis, hepatitis A, amoebic dysentery and other diseases is higher than in other countries. Therefore, a tourist should be extremely careful and implement preventive measures during the trip.

New viruses and bacteria Some countries have their own special viruses. Since the tourist is new in the environment, he has no natural immunity to avoid infection. The human body is more sensitive when traveling abroad and may react negatively to changes in nutrition, for example, eating exotic foods. A sudden change in the diet is a risk of getting gastrointestinal tract problems.

Legal risks

Ignorance of the laws of the country into which the tourist enters can also turn into trouble. Language barriers and misunderstandings can also make communication between a foreign medical organization and a patient difficult. Tourists should be aware of the issues of insurance in case of unforeseen circumstances and medical complications.

Thus, in order to avoid risks during the trip, tourists are advised to carefully study the laws, internal regulations in the country of entry, get insurance documents in advance and take preventive measures during and after crossing the border.