About Congress 2015

A plenary sitting, 10 symposiums, 3 round tables, where reports of leading world and domestic scientists were presented were held within the framework of the I International Congress “Sanatorium treatment” (March 18-19, 2015). There was also a meeting of main sanatorium treatment specialists.

The Congress was attended by 968 people from 12 countries and 52 subjects of the Russian Federation.

The conceptual foundation of the Congress was an interdisciplinary approach to the problems of sanatorium treatment and prevention of socially significant diseases, rehabilitation, climate therapy, improving the health of the nation and the quality of life of Russians based on the maximum use of the structure and potential of the sanatorium industry of the Russian Federation. It should be especially emphasized that during the Congress special attention was paid to scientific and practical reports on the development of the sanatorium industry of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol.

On the first day of the Congress, big interest was aroused by such issues as: the effectiveness of hydro-magnetic therapy in the treatment of patients with diseases of the joints and spine, balneotherapy in the staged rehabilitation of children in a multidisciplinary medical center, the therapeutic effect of balneotherapy on patients after cardiac muscle operation, effects of sulfide balneotherapy, hypothesis about the nature of the biological activity of peloids, therapeutic effect of peloids and sulfur baths on stress, hemoglobin content and activity of superoxide dismutase and catalase in patients with osteoarthritis, peloidotherapy in modern gynecological practice, the possibility of assessing and predicting earth’s and space weather for medical purposes, climate changes in Russia and their impact on public health.

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