The UAE is a progressive hub of medical tourism

Now the United Arab Emirates is in a central position among the countries of medical tourism. The state is looking for investment opportunities and plans to develop medical cities.

The UAE healthcare sector is unique. There is an increased demand for medical workers. The country received more than 40% of global applications from people who want to live in the UAE and work in the medical field in 2022

The government’s continued support for healthcare and investments in medicine encourage qualified workers to travel to the UAE. The country has the status of a safe country, provides visas to tourists and medical workers. The lack of some medical services in neighboring countries also stimulates the growth of medical tourism in the UAE. The country has world-class medical institutions, private, public hospitals and clinics in the UAE are equipped with modern equipment.

It is planned to strengthen the development of medicine in the UAE by 2030. There are investments from the state and private organizations, as well as an emphasis on innovative technologies. The country hosts several leading conferences in the field of healthcare, which promote the development of new ideas, partnerships, cooperation between countries and catalyze the growth of medicine. For example the Arab Heath event in Dubai presented 3,300 exhibitors and attracted more than 63,000 medical professionals in 2023.

In the UAE services of mental health, women’s health, fertility treatment, pediatrics and primary health care are in demand.

According to the World Poll Review, the UAE ranks first among GCC countries for healthcare.

The Future of UAE Healthcare

The rapid growth of the UAE, technological changes will strengthen the country’s position in the medical tourism market. There are AI technologies, telemedicine, remote monitoring of patients, medical apps for health tracking. Medicine in the country is also being developed by qualified specialists. Thus, the UAE has a huge potential in the field of healthcare and medical tourism.

Source: Omnia Health