55 countries of the world can enter the territory of the Russian Federation now. This is possible with an e-visa. The document can be obtained on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.


Now the United Arab Emirates is in a central position among the countries of medical tourism. The state is looking for investment opportunities and plans to develop medical cities. The UAE healthcare sector is unique. There is an increased demand for medical workers. The country received more than 40% of global applications from people who […]


According to the calculations of January 2023, it turned out that more than 21 million people worldwide use medical tourism services every year. Moreover, the growth rate increases by 20% every year. The total medical tourism market has accumulated revenue of $74-92 billion. According to forecasts, in the period from 2023 to 2027, the income […]


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the peak of the medical tourism growth. Medicine is developing rapidly in MENA countries. Tourists from the Middle East region make up 30% of the total number of world medical tourism. Saudi Arabia’s revenues in this area amount to $100 billion. In connection with the development of medical […]


The year 2023 gave Russians difficulties with visas and traveling abroad. Germany has lost popularity among Russian citizens as a destination for medical tourism. Treatment in Israel and Austria has become sought after. If we talk about the current Russian situation, the popularity of receiving medical services abroad has fallen by 20%. Based on statistics, […]


Russian doctors are among the best in the world. Our country is proud of experienced, qualified specialists. But will medical tourism develop in Russia in the near future? The medical tourism market is constantly changing. A few years ago, countries such as the USA, Germany and Israel were the first in the list of leaders […]


Medical tourism continues to gain popularity. Patients travel abroad in search of quality treatment. But such trips also carry risks. Tourists may face the following difficulties: — Medical complications; — Unjustified expectations from treatment; — Too high cost of medicine; — Risk of infection during travel; — Legal risks Infectious risks In countries such as […]


Medical tourism: which countries tourists choose for treatment After the end of the pandemic, medical tourism is becoming popular again. Patients want to receive high-quality treatment and at the same time save their money. Many people travel abroad because medicine in their country is not advanced enough. Which countries do tourists choose for treatment? Canada […]


New technologies and climate change are key factors that will affect the development of medicine in the near future. Scientific studies show that the choice of a certain lifestyle and the potential development of the disease are interrelated. More and more people see the need for preventive medicine. Development of medical tourism In the coming […]