World statistics of medical tourism

According to the calculations of January 2023, it turned out that more than 21 million people worldwide use medical tourism services every year. Moreover, the growth rate increases by 20% every year. The total medical tourism market has accumulated revenue of $74-92 billion. According to forecasts, in the period from 2023 to 2027, the income will grow to $ 273 billion. According to Data Bridge, by 2030, the revenues of the medical tourism market will grow by up to 40% and reach 410 billion US dollars.

Statistics of medical tourism countries

South Korea

South Korea welcomed 248,000 tourists in 2022. The country is planning to host 700 000 foreigners by 2027.

United Arab Emirates

On average, more than 15,000 tourists visit Abu Dhabi annually for medical purposes. Dubai clinics took 630,000 patients in 2022.


There is a jump in medical tourism in Turkey in 2022. More than 600,000 patients visited the country, which indicates a 66% increase in the market compared to the previous year. According to Yeditepe Health Care, 40% of the total turnover of medical tourism in Turkey is in dental services, 42% in orthopedics, cardiology, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery, Plastic surgery occupies 15%.


Jordan is the largest medical tourism destination in the Middle East. 265,000 tourists visited the country for medical purposes in 2022. The market revenues exceed $1 billion.


Israel is a developing medical tourism destination. The country met 15 000 patients from around the world in 2022.


About 300 000 foreigners in 2021 and 350 000 in 2022 visited Malaysia.


Singapore hosted 410,000 medical tourists in 2020. This number increased by 13% (646,000 visitors) in 2021.

The medical tourism market is developing rapidly. Every year more and more people go abroad for medical treatment. This is proved by the statistics of recent years.

Source: News Magazine