Saudi Arabia has healthcare transformation boom

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is at the peak of the medical tourism growth. Medicine is developing rapidly in MENA countries.

Tourists from the Middle East region make up 30% of the total number of world medical tourism. Saudi Arabia’s revenues in this area amount to $100 billion. In connection with the development of medical tourism, Saudi Arabia intends to improve the quality of the healthcare profile. The state has a program “Saudi Vision 2030”, the aims of which are the development of public health, education, infrastructure, recreation and tourism.

The country’s leaders offer ideas to strengthen the medical tourism sector. The Kingdom is expanding the number of institutions focused on the study of oncology, gynecology and cosmetology.

Clinique La Prairie Clinic is a new medical project of Saudi Arabia

The project will focus on improving the health of patients in first-class conditions, combining medical procedures and recreation at a beautiful resort. The area of the clinic sprawls over 36, 115 square meters and will include 13 luxury villas located on it. The institution is aimed at preventive medicine, treatment of genetic diseases, diabetes, mental illnesses (depression, insomnia, anxiety disorders).

Growth of medical cities

5 medical cities with advanced technologies are being built in Saudi Arabia. Their development will lead to the strengthening of medical tourism and cooperation of countries around the world in the field of medicine. In the cities of Saudi Arabia, it is planned to build specialized hospitals, centers of oncology, cardiology, pediatrics, neurology, general health and preventive treatment centers. It is planned to install the latest equipment in the establishments. Artificial intelligence will be used in the process of diagnosis and treatment of patients.

As the medical and tourism sectors cooperate, Saudi Arabia is becoming a popular global center for medical tourism.