Changing popular medical tourism destinations

The year 2023 gave Russians difficulties with visas and traveling abroad. Germany has lost popularity among Russian citizens as a destination for medical tourism. Treatment in Israel and Austria has become sought after. If we talk about the current Russian situation, the popularity of receiving medical services abroad has fallen by 20%. Based on statistics, the largest number of Russian choose Israel and Austria for treatment. The next most popular are the USA, Germany and Turkey, which was included in the list of medical tourism countries quite recently (in 2023).

Russia has a visa-free travel with Turkey and Israel. Austria, in turn, is ready to provide medical visas to Russians.

Also, the decline in the popularity of foreign treatment among Russians was influenced by a jump in prices. The cost of treatment in Europe has tripled, in Israel it has increased by one and a half times. Russian citizens prefer to receive medical services in Turkey, where it will be much cheaper.

What should we expect? Now South Korea, Thailand, Iran, China and other countries are entering the medical tourism market. Russia has a chance to develop medical cooperation with them.

Source: Forbes