Revenue from the export of russian medical services reached $730 million

According to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, revenue from Russian exports of medical services in 2022 reached $730 million. This is an increase compared to 2021 (30% higher than planned revenue and 90% higher than last year’s result). 12 million foreign citizens used medical services in Russia in 2022. Therefore, the indicator of the federal project “Development of export of medical services” has been exceeded by 43%. The number of medical tourists in Russia has increased to 71%. In 2021, the result was 7 million citizens.

Sales of medical services exceeded even the prepandemic 2019 – at that time, the volume of exports amounted to $ 470 million, and Russian clinics received more than 3 million foreigners. Last year’s statistics could include refugees who arrived from Ukraine, Donbass in 2022. Their number amounted to 5.3 million people and 738 thousand children.

50% of Russians over the past year have seen an increase in prices for medical services up to 15%. In this regard, the voluntary health insurance policy has become the most valuable, because it helps to save medical expenses.

The federal project “Development of export of medical services” aims to earn $1 billion in 2024. However, The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation assumes that it will take at least three years for the market to recover after the pandemic. Nevertheless, the Central Research Institute of Organization and Informatization of Healthcare announced a competition for services to promote medical tourism among foreign tourists. Advertising of medical services is also being promoted. It is aimed at the following States: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Belarus, Tajikistan, South Ossetia, Abkhazia. In order to develop the export of medical services in 2023, Russia has entered into 70 agreements on the implementation of regional projects.16:36