2023: popular countries for tourism among Russians and medical insurance

Tourism continues to develop. Thailand and Turkey became the most popular tourist destinations among russian sitizens in 2023. Since the beginning of the year, these countries have received the largest number of applications for medical travel policies from residents of the RF.

Thailand is in the first place in demand among Russians. It accounted for 23% of the total number of medical policy sales in January-May 2023 on the website erv.ru. Although insurance is not required to visit the country, tourists apply for it in order to avoid huge medical expenses in case of an accident. Medical services in Thailand are expensive.

Turkey is in second place in the list. The country received 12% of the total sales of travel insurance on the EUROINS Travel Insurance website in 2023. Statistics are worse than in Thailand and the reason is that tourists visit Turkey through tour operators, and travel packages already include insurance.

The UAE is in third place. This state in the period from January to May received 10% of the total number of insurance sales on the EUROINS website of Travel Insurance among residents of Russia.

Also, at the moment, the popularity of China is increasing. The country has received 1.5% of all issued policies since the beginning of 2023.